The Super Labs are large sized, colored ink graphics. They are part of an ongoing series of pictures in format 100 x 115 and 100 x 140.

Some of these works are currently part of the outdoor exhibition "UNLOCKED" of the ILLU KOLLEKTIVS GRAZ as well as the traveling exhibition "Illustrierte Blickwinkel aus der Zwischenzeit".

Super Labs in der Ausstellung _UNLOCKED_
PAINTING - Compatible Systems

This systems complies with all applicable security standards!

Corruption does not take place behind closed curtains, but is conspicuous and visible. One even sees it clearly and feels powerless and angry. It circumvents every legal system so cleverly that it gets protected by it and then seems untouchable.
Corruption is like this rusty drain pipe through which the dirty mess is disposed of in nowhere. Quite obviously, in front of our eyes. But according to the sign, it complies with all applicable standards, so we have to wait until a few screws loosen by themselves and it rust through and collapses.